Making the Rounds

Taking it slow. The details are a bit fuzzy.

If you squint, you can see Cesar Montano, standing with the mic, in yellow - taking a break from his campaign at Tachy. "Gusto ko Bago" - that's his slogan for his gubernatorial campaign in Bohol. I could actually admire the guy (save for his kalandian or kaigaton) and just might vote for him.

Impromptu jamming session with Buboy and his campaign buddies.

Fat chance for him to win though. Trapo politics is entrenched deep in Bohol, which also mean ugly, fat politicians. Just saying.

Tanduay Ice is apparently the hot ladies' drink of the times. Indeed, it's a drink I could actually gulp down like water, but it sure kicks serious ass. This'll prolly be my drink of choice from now on.

From another event, my kid cousin's band When Hopes Fly High is playing. He's first from the left, on bass. Paramore-ish, but they got one badass song. Good start. These kids make me feel ooold. Speaking of old, I bumped into an old friend at this event (which is like unlikely, considering the age demographic of the audience here), couldn't say my hopes didn't fly high right then and there

That calls for a pulutan! Slimey, and supery oily pig cheeks! Yay!

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